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pos-vision - the product

A digital signage system for franchiser and large companies

The Closed Advertising System

The Closed System plays only your own advertisements from your company or business and you can also feature advertisements from partner companies.

Advantages of the Closed System

  • Central creation and administration of your commercial spots for all of     your systems.
  • Only your own advertisements are shown.
  • Up to 22 spots in one loop means up to 2.200 transmissions a day.
  • Closed system can be opened optionally.

Optional openings of the Closed System

Businesses can open their network and send advertisements digitally to different locations in the nearby vicinity of their selected branches.

Ideally you supplement your closed system with the HD-Foil, bringing more attention to your commercials and ensuring that it is an eye catcher to the public. If you are interested in learning more about the Closed System please do not hesitate to contact us. We will make you an offer with our best priced conditions.


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