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Shop window advertising on a completely new level


HD-Foil creates a completely new level of shop window advertising. The PVC foil, featuring millions of micro lenses, can be attached to a window and removed without any marking or damage. A projector, which is installed inside the shop, projects the advertisement directly on the foil into the shop's window. The micro glass lenses of the foil screen provide an outstanding quality picture that is comparable to HD flat screen televisions. The customer, on the other side of the window, is able to see the strong colours from the screen without light reflections ruining the image.

These new technologies, as well as the impressive size of the foils, are an instant eye-catcher.

Characteristics of the HD-Foil

  • Mounted on the inside of the shop window or on a free-hanging glass     plate.
  • Highly sunlight absorbing.
  • Perfect picture even from a 180 degree angle.
  • Standard size up to 60 inches.
  • Similarly priced to a flat screen television.
  • An enormous unique selling point.

Functionality of the HD-Foil

Each of the millions of microscopically small glass balls focus the projected light so that it only exits at a small point of the backside, namely there where the ball emerges out of the black matrix. The rest of the black surface absorbs the ambient light. This is how a contrast image is generated, which reflects black, really black, also in brightness.


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