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The 3 Steps to efficient advertising with pos-vision

The Open Advertising Network

Step 1: Installation of your pos-vision system in your shop

The first step is locating a position within the premises of your business where the pos-vision system will be installed. The screen is best suited to a position near the cash point or checkout so it can be seen by all of your customers.

We then connect the system through a LAN, WIFI or UMTS internet connection. This allows you to update your promotions constantly and to display special offers immediately.

Step 2: Creating your own commercials

You will then receive your password in order to activate the customer portal. With the customer portal you can easily create your own commercials with previously developed templates. These are easily created and are made simply by uploading pictures and adding your text.

Each client will receive the help of a member of our staff who will support and help you with your first attempts. In addition, we have a hotline to help you with any difficulties at any time.

If you already have media you wish to use (cinema spots, images, etc.), these can also be uploaded and added easily.

Step 3: Booking commercial spots at other locations

With the customer portal you are able to select advertisements at the locations where you believe your target customers are already shopping. Send your spots digitally and have them playing within a few minutes at the allocated locations.

Furthermore you are able to choose the contents of infotainment (politics, sports,, car, multimedia, etc.), that you would like to be shown in your shop.

You can change your advertisements and booked locations without being charged any additional costs, done simply from your PC, at any time.


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